Best Jobsite Radios – Rigid & Dewalt Picks

Let’s face it! We all want to make our workplaces fly by. Why is that the case? More often, workplaces tend to be boring and often feel monotonous. It is, therefore, natural to add some entertainment.

One great source of entertainment is the radio. However, note that you need specific types appropriate for such environments. We have reviewed the best Jobsite radios you can consider and the best features to check.  

Important Features You Need To Consider When Selecting Best Jobsite Radios

Whenever you start choosing the market, it is always good to have a guide that will help you make informed purchase decisions. More specifically, it calls for consideration of key features. These features include:

Ease of Carrying and Portability

Portable radios are always the best, especially if you do not have much space on your job site. So, get a lightweight type that can easily fit under the table, on a shelf, or in any space that is appropriate for you. Also, check those with a carry handle, as they are easy to carry. 

Quality Sound Output

If your job site has disturbances or noise, you should be careful when getting a job site radio. Get a type with the best sound quality that can easily filter through the noise. Also, it might be a good idea to get one that has a space for a headphone jack, so you use earphones and enjoy your favorite music as you work. 

Power Source

If your workplace has a constant electricity supply, it would be great to get one that uses electric power. However, if there are interruptions once in a while, you might have to consider getting a radio that uses both batteries and electric power. 

Connectivity to External Devices

Radio compatible with a couple of other devices is better than one that can’t connect to such devices. When choosing a job site radio, check if you can join it to a tablet, smartphone, iPods, iPhones, and other devices. Such types are usually good since you get a chance to listen to a wide variety of music or content. 

Weather Resistance 

Job sites often experience harsh weather and other factors that can easily cause damage. You should, therefore, consider a radio type that won’t get damaged when it comes to contact with water, thunderstorm, and other damage-causing agents. 


Since job sites often experience harsh conditions, the radio you select should work in such environments. So for long-lasting use, you should consider durability much more than other features. 

Here Are Top Jobsite Radios 

If you keep in mind the above features, you reduce the chances of getting a radio that won’t work. Instead, you will get a type that will make your job site a good place of work with great music and other entertainment.  

Ridgid Jobsite Radio 

If you want a job site radio with dual power sources, then maybe this is the best one you can buy. You can use batteries to power it, and it also comes with an AC cord to power it. These options ensure that you get entertainment all day, whether there is power or not. 

DEWALT Bluetooth® Cordless Jobsite Radio

Another great feature you should note about this radio is its connectivity options. It supports AM, FM, Aux, and Bluetooth options. You can, therefore, conveniently enjoy your favorite music from any of these devices. 

What I like the most about this job site radio because one can remotely tune it through the Ridgid app. You can download it for your smartphone and get a chance to enjoy changing the mix as you work. 

It is also a lightweight type with an ergonomic handle bolted at the top part for ease of carrying/moving it around. 

Finally, for maximum utility, this job site radio has a USB charging port, which you can also use to play your mp3 music. 

Check the price and buy it on amazon. 

Dewalt Radio

With a display that shows all operations, this is another job site radio worth considering. It is a lightweight radio with an elegant appearance. 

Bluetooth® Cordless Jobsite Radio - DEWALT

Regarding power, this radio uses Dewalt batteries and comes with an AC power cord. The batteries have a great life and often last longer than many other types with a similar use in radios. 

This radio also has Bluetooth connectivity, and it’s powerful enough to pick signals for as far as 100ft away. You can, therefore, connect your favorite music from far and enjoy the entertainment as you work. 

I should also not forget the 2.1AMP & Aux charging ports. You can utilize these ports to charge your phone while listening to music while working. 

Porter-Cable Radio

It is a radio with good sound quality. I also like that this radio can play music while charging the phone simultaneously.  

It is easy to carry around your workplace and does not even take much space since it is compact. Its sturdy construction also makes it look great, and at the same time, makes it a highly durable type of job site radio. 

Although it does not have an option for Bluetooth connectivity, one can still connect a phone to it using the aux. The speakers are also loud enough to filter through workplace noise and still entertain you. 

Its corded and cordless power systems are also another feature worth noting. Also, it comes with a cell battery, so you can choose and use a power option that is convenient for you. 

Makita Radio

This dust and weather-resistant job site radio might also be the type you’ve been looking for to meet your worksite entertainment needs. 

It has some of the best speakers, which gives it the best sound quality. Whether you work in a noisy or quiet environment, this Makita radio could be all you need to boost your work mood and productivity as well. 

While a Makita job site radio package does not include a battery, it is compatible with a wide array of batteries, including 12V max CXT, 18V LXT Lithium-Ion, 7.2V, 14.4V, and 12V max. 

I also like the continuous playback feature, and do not forget that it is also one of the most durable job site radios in the market. 

Milwaukee Radio 

If you want a job site radio that can withstand severe impacts of weather and workplace, then this could be your radio of choice. It has end pieces made of rubber, durable and resistant to damage-causing agents, including weather. 

I like this radio’s sturdy design and sound quality, which enhances a great listening experience. Also, even though it does not have connectivity options such as Bluetooth, it does allow one to play music from the phone through its aux jack. 

Its foldout antenna has a great reception feature, which you can further enhance using its digital AM FM tuner. You can also save up to ten presents on the radio using the tuner. So, with this radio, you can save all your favorite stations for convenience as you work. 

The other thing to note is that this radio is lightweight, and its stackable design makes it easy to put it in your bag, car, and even a box if you like. 

If you are looking for a compact radio, you can try one of the radios mentioned in AM FM Portable Radios article.

How Do I Know that My Jobsite Radio is Good?

If sound quality is okay and its power consumption pattern is good, especially when using batteries. A Control system and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions are also indicators of a good job site radio. 

What Are the Best Designs for Jobsite Radios?

Lightweight types with carrying handles are the best types for workplaces. They are easy to move and find a place to hang or place them as you work. It is, therefore, a good idea to consider size and portability when making a choice. 

Are All Jobsite Radios Waterproof?

While a great majority are, not all are good for waterproof features. Some do not have this important feature. So, check well when choosing your job site radio, especially if you use it on an open job site. 

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