Avira Antivirus Download For Windows 10

It’s not an easy thing to find a free antivirus program, which has a full pack of functions to protect your Windows 10 PC or Laptop. The product from German company Avira Operations boasts of providing you with at least most of them. If that won’t be enough, you can always upgrade to the pro version or even purchase an ultimate security suite.

What does the free version of Avira Antivirus offer on Windows 10 Laptops?

Even if you’re not ready to pay for the premium antivirus security pack, you probably expect a decent level of performance and solid protection level from a free one. Here is what Avira offers to its users:

  1. Avira Antivirus Detects and removes all known kinds of malware, adware, spyware and another kind of threats.
  2. Avira Antivirus doesn’t have any significant harmful effect on your PC’s performance.
  3. Blocks phishing websites (by means of free browser extensions, which are included in the downloadable package).
  4. Avira Antivirus Has tools to repair files that have been infected.
  5. Avira Antivirus Uses anti-ransomware protection, which blocks all such threats.

There are also functions that you’ll probably expect from your antivirus program, but Avira doesn’t have them in the free version:

  1. There is no automatic scan for your downloads, incoming emails and plugged-in USB devices.
  2. There is no Firewall in the security package. The program uses the inbuilt OS solution. The only available action is to turn it on/off in the appropriate menu.

Avira Free Antivirus performance on Windows 10 PCs

The most important thing about any antivirus program is how good it is in detecting and removing threats to your PC. Independent tests say Avira is really a decent protection solution for Windows. They show the program can detect more than 99,5% of threats, which is really a good score. Moreover, Avira has a number of awards from AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives that both are trusted independent web resources.

If we talk about PC real-time protection, Avira has a more than useful option called “Cloud Protection.” It promises to increase the detection of level-up to 99,9%. The idea is that suspicious files’ digital fingerprints are sent to the cloud, where they’re checked, and then the result comes back to your PC. To enable this function, go to “General” in the navigation menu, then choose “Advanced protection” and check the appropriate box.

Avira Free Antivirus security package

When you install the program, you get antivirus itself and several tools for complex protection. In the free version, you’ll get the following:

  1. Antivirus program itself.
  2. Browser extension protects you from tracking harmful websites, phishing attacks, etc. (Works with Chrome and Firefox).
  3. SafeSearch extension that reveals infected websites.
  4. Password Manager.
  5. VPN solution. (Only 500 MB of free traffic)
  6. System speed-up tool to increase PC’s performance.
  7. Software update solution.
  8. Safe Shopping to find secure deals and to block unsafe ones.
  9. Protected Opera browser.
  10. Privacy Pal to protect you from web tracking
  11. Home Guard to monitor your home network.

Where to download Avira Antivirus?

You can download Avira Antivirus for Windows 10 on the products’ official website. Then launch the setup file you’ve got. It’s highly recommended to choose a fast setup unless you’re an advanced user. You’ll also have a choice of whether to install all the components. Leave all the boxes checked to get the full package of protection tools.

If the free version isn’t powerful enough for you, you can always upgrade to a pro antivirus solution. Go here to get it. Avira Pro will give you emails, downloads and USB automatic scanning, remove ads and provide you with plenty of other functions.

Download Avira Antivirus on Windows 10 or Windows 7 Desktops on PCs for free now.

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